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Do you live in Vancouver WA and need an attorney?

Then the experienced attorneys of Salmon Creek Law Offices may be able to help you. As attorneys in Vancouver WA and the surrounding areas, we have attorneys that specialize in various areas of law. If you see that a lawyer practices in the area of law you are looking for, you may contact the attorney directly by clicking on their name or picture, or you may call the office for more information.

Probate, Estate Planning, and Business Law

As a business law and probate and estate attorney, Trent Kunz is familiar with how estates, wills, and trusts work. He can also assist you if you need help with business law. Trent practices in these areas:

Probate: When a loved one passes, it is often a very difficult time for everybodyAttorneys Vancouver WA close to them. When trouble with the estate or will is added to this, it can cause an inordinate amount of stress. During these stressful times, having to worry about how the legal process will work is something that we can handle for you.

Estate Planning: Estate planning allows you to create a plan for the distribution of your assets after you die, name a trustee or personal representative (executor) for your trust or estate, and to potentially reduce taxes after death. By doing this while you are still living, you can plan for mental or physical degradation and plan your estate while at your full capacity.

Attorneys Vancouver WAPersonal Injury

When you have a personal injury, it can completely disrupt your lifestyle. Tasks that were once simple become burdensome and difficult to complete, and you have to plan your life around the injury. Along with these lifestyle adjustments, you may have medical bills that can cause a stressful financial time for you and our family. Jonathan Gill is an experienced attorney for personal injuries and may be able to help. Jonathan is familiar with these areas:


  • Personal injury

  • Car crashes

  • Civil litigation

  • Dog Bites

Attorneys Vancouver WA

Evictions and ejectment actions

Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord, or a property manager, the eviction or ejectment process can be very troublesome and time-consuming. If you are a homeowner, landlord, or a property manager and have a tenant or other occupant that you need to evict or eject from your property, call Salmon Creek Law Offices today. Aaron Wakamatsu is an eviction attorney and an ejectment attorney who can guide you through the process. He knows the channels you must go through to properly remove someone from your property.


If you believe that one of our attorneys may be able to help you, feel free to call us and request a consultation with the attorney of your choice. In certain areas of practice, this consultation may be free. If we believe that we aren’t the right fit for your particular needs, we may be able to help refer you to a lawyer that can better help you. Fill out a contact form or call us today to get started.

Attorneys Vancouver WA

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