Auto Accident Attorney Vancouver, WA

Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney Vancouver, WA

Thousands of car accidents take place everyday. Many folks are lucky enough to avoid major automobile accidents. Unfortunately, if you found your way to this page, you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident serious enough for you to seek out more information. We have designed our site to provide information about personal injuries in general here, including accident injury DOs and DON’Ts and a Q&A covering many frequently asked questions regarding personal injury lawsuits. Feel free to continue reading this page to get some great information specifically geared to car accident injuries or click over to our personal injury page.

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Jonathan Gill is a car accident attorney in Vancouver, WA at Salmon Creek Law Offices. Mr. Gill has been winning cases getting substantial monetary awards for his clients for over 25 years. To help people who have been injured in an auto accident, Mr. Gilled provides the following information and helpful tips.



  1. First, if you are injured get proper medical treatment as soon as possible following the crash. Even if you believe you did not sustain any injuries in the car accident, you may want to monitor your condition for a few days following the crash. The adrenaline and initial shock of being in an automobile accident can conceal symptoms and conditions that resulted from the collision. Your health is your first priority.
  2. Second, you may wish to consider filing a claim with your own insurance company, giving them information on your car accident. By opening a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) claim with your own insurance company, you can ensure that your initial medical expenses will be covered.
  3. Third, you may wish to consider obtaining a copy of the police report, if one exists. A police report should include a brief account of the car accident, including names of witnesses, weather conditions, and citations. Police reports may also include drawings and/or photographs. A police report can be very useful in determining liability. Copies of police reports may be available through the Washington State Patrol or the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles for a fee.
  4. Fourth, you may wish to consider keeping a diary of how you are feeling for the days, weeks, and months following the automobile accident. Are you experiencing any restrictions, pain, or other abnormalities? You may also want to note any medical providers you are currently seeing or have seen, including the contact information of those providers. This diary could be very useful to your car accident attorney.


Auto Accident Attorney Vancouver, WA

You may get several calls from the other party’s insurance company days after the crash. They may ask for information, including wanting you to fill out a HIPAA (medical release) form so that they can obtain your medical records. You are under no obligation to complete their medical release form – or even talk to the adverse insurance company.

Please know, insurance companies are first and foremost businesses. Their primary purpose is to make a profit for their shareholders – not to pay out on claims. Their insurance claims adjusters are trained to pay out the least amount possible for your car accident injuries. Often adjusters make quick cash offers shortly after the automobile accident injuries are sustained hoping to get you, the claimant, to agree to a quick settlement before you know the full nature and extent of your injuries. Once a General Release and Hold Harmless Agreement is signed, you forever release any future claim for injuries sustained. You should talk to an attorney before signing anything an insurance company asks you to sign.

Jonathan Gill has over 25 years of handling auto accident cases and charges a contingency fee for his services. This means he only collects attorney’s fees after obtaining a successful outcome for his clients. Contact Salmon Creek Law Offices today and schedule your free consultation.

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