Estate Planning Attorney Vancouver WA

Estate Planning Attorney

Estate Planning Attorney Vancouver WA

Trent Kunz of Salmon Creek Law Offices is an Estate Planning Attorney, in Vancouver, WA. Estate planning allows you to predetermine a plan for the distribution of your assets, name someone to administer your estate or trust and to mitigate taxes upon death. During lifetime, estate planning allows you to plan for an unforeseen incapacity or disability during lifetime.

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The documents used to distribute assets upon death and to name a successor trustee or a personal representative (executor) include either a Revocable Living Trust or a Will, respectively. Revocable living trusts allow the creators of the trust, the trustors, to avoid probate, while a Will requires probate for probate assets.

What is Power of Attorney

The document used to prepare for unforeseen disability or incapacity is a Power of Attorney. There are generally two types of powers of attorney. A power of attorney for finances allows the appointed attorney-in-fact to act on behalf of the principal to manage the principal’s financial affairs. A power of attorney for healthcare authorizes the appointed attorney-in-fact to manage the principal’s healthcare decision-making and care acquisition. A spouse, family member or trusted friend can act as a power of attorney as can professional fiduciaries.Salmon Creek Law Offices is here to help you traverse the intricacies of Estate Planning.

A typical estate plan also includes a health-care directive also known as an advance directive or living will. The health-care directive is a written statement of your intent to refuse life-sustaining procedures if you are in a coma with no chance of recovery or have a terminal condition. Make sure you have an experienced and knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorney.

Estate Planning Attorney Vancouver WA

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