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*We do not represent tenants, we only represent landlords and property owners.*

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At Salmon Creek Law Offices, Aaron Wakamatsu in Vancouver, WA with Salmon Creek Law Offices will walk you through the eviction or ejectment process and answer any questions you may have.

Landlords and tenants have specific duties that they must follow. Unfortunately, there are landlords and tenants who do not follow state and/or federally mandated duties. Other times, a landlord or a tenant might not follow the terms of their lease – a binding contract between the parties. Salmon Creek Law Offices is here to help guild you through these complexities.

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In the State of Washington, landlords cannot use “self-help” to oust a tenant from a residential rental premises. Unless the tenant voluntarily leaves on his or her own, a landlord must use the court process to obtain a writ of restitution. A writ of restitution is a document from the court that gives the local sheriff the power to evict a tenant on the landlord’s behalf.

The proper legal process must be followed, and one misstep can force the landlord to start the process all over again.

An “ejectment” is a similar process when one person (generally the true owner of the residential property) seeks to oust another person from the premises. Here, the parties are not engaged in a traditional landlord-tenant relationship.

Aaron generally, at Salmon Creek Law Offices represents residential/commercial landlords (evictions) and homeowners (ejectments).

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