Guardianship Attorney Vancouver WA

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Guardianship Attorney Vancouver WA

Trent Kunz with Salmon Creek Law Offices is a Guardianship Attorney, located in Vancouver, WA. A Guardianship is a court supervised procedure in which the court appoints a Guardian to act on behalf of a person who, because of disability, disease, or incapacity, is unable to handle his or her own affairs. There are two types of guardianships under Washington law, namely Guardian of the Estate and Guardian of the Person. A Guardian of the Estate handles all of the incapacitated person’s financial affairs while the Guardian of the Person makes all necessary health care decisions and procures the necessary health care and personal care for the incapacitated person.

Why Hire a Guardianship Attorney

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Guardianships are time-consuming and costly often requiring that one hire an attorney to petition the court to be appointed as guardian. Thereafter, the court appoints a Guardian ad litem, an independent third party, who investigates the situation and reports the facts of the particular case back to the court. If the court deems it appropriate, the court will appoint a guardian who is required to post a performance bond and report back to the court on an annual or biannual basis. Attorney fees and all other expenses occurred in administering the guardianship are taken from the incapacitated person’s personal funds.

Special Needs Guardianships

Parents with special needs children may find it necessary to file for guardianship when their child reaches 18 years of age, which is the age of majority in the state of Washington. Parents of all children under the age of 18 are the legal guardians of their minor children. However, when a child reaches the age of 18, for legal purposes, the child is considered an adult and the parent is no longer their legal guardian. This may be significant if critical healthcare decisions are necessary or if legal transactions need to be entered into on behalf of the now special needs adult. If the special needs adult is unable to fully understand the legal consequences of the transaction or the risks and benefits of particular healthcare options, it would be necessary to appoint a guardian to make those decisions. Having a knowledgeable and experienced Guardianship Attorney makes all of difference, call Salmon Creek Law Offices

Trent Kunz with Salmon Creek Law Offices in Vancouver, WA as a Guardianship Attorney represents the interests of guardians, potential guardians and those who are opposed to having a Guardian appointed to act on their behalf.

Guardianship Attorney Vancouver WA

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