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What does a personal injury attorney do?

Jonathan GillPersonal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA is the personal injury attorney at Salmon Creek Law Offices in Vancouver, WA. He will guide you through the stressful and frustrating time following your injury. Mr. Gill is available to answer your questions about what to expect and to provide you direction on what to do and what not to do following your injury. Jonathan Gill will take the time to discuss your matter with you when you call. In your free consultation, he will listen to you, explain the process of advancing a personal injury claim/case, and answer your questions.

As an experienced injury attorney, Mr. Gill understands the difficulties you may be facing with mounting medical bills, loss of employment, physical/emotional pain and suffering, and the possibility of a permanent physical disability.

Jonathan Gill has over 25 years of handling personal injury claims, trial and alternative dispute resolution experience. Contact Salmon Creek Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation.




  • DO File a police report.
  • DO Obtain all identifying information of the people who harmed you.
  • DO Obtain statements or get contact information from any witnesses
  • DO Obtain all insurance information from everybody involved.
  • DO In car crash cases, notify your own insurance company.
  • DO File a PIP (Personal Injury Protection) claim with your insurance company so your medical bills are paid.
  • DO See your doctor for all injuries you sustained.
  • DO Keep a detailed diary and keep track of all the ways the crash has affected your life.
  • DO Contact an attorney to learn about the process and how you can protect your rights.


  • Do NOT ignore even a minor injury after being involved in a crash.
  • Do NOT talk about your case on social media.
  • Do NOT talk to the other party. Any information you divulged could be used to discredit a legitimate claim.
  • Do NOT talk to the other party’s insurance company until you have consulted an attorney.
  • Do NOT wait until the last minute to hire an attorney to assist you with your personal injury claim.
  • Do NOT let the statute of limitations expire – talk to an attorney about this!
  • Do NOT ignore your attorney if he or she is requesting information. If the attorney needs information, it is for a reason.

PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY Q&Personal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA

Q: What should I expect when I call Salmon Creek Law Offices?
A: Expect to be greeted by a person and not a machine. The person answering the phone needs to assess who you need to speak to so tell them your name and that you have been injured. If Mr. Gill is not meeting with clients or is out of the office you will receive a return call as soon as possible.

Q: What questions will I be asked when I call?
A: Mr. Gill requires the same information from all new clients and begins each new phone consult with these questions. Mr. Gill requires personal information, such as your full name, mailing address, and phone number. You may wish to prepare a brief timeline and a written statement to ensure you remember and can share the details leading to your injury.

Q: Can Mr. Gill tell me if I have a good case during our first phone consult?
A: Mr. Gill could provide a general idea of whether you have a good case, but because such a conclusion would only be from extremely limited information (with additional information possibly being discovered later), such a general conclusion cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, we cannot place a value on your case at the initial consult. That is exclusively determined by the facts and circumstances of what happened and the nature and extent of your injuries.

Q: What does Mr. Gill charge for his services?
A: Mr. Gill offers a free in-person consultation. Should you elect to hire Mr. Gill as your attorney, he works on a contingency fee basis, meaning he will only get paid if he obtains a settlement or other award for you.

Q: Some law firms publish their settlements and jury verdict amounts on their website. Why doesn’t Salmon Creek Law Offices do the same?
A: We at Salmon Creek Law Offices place a priority on protecting the identity of our clients: even divulging some facts about the case can imply who the firm likely represented.

Q: How long do I have to file my personal injury lawsuit?
A: The statute of limitations is a time clock within which you must fully resolve the dispute or file a lawsuit. If the statute of limitations expires, you as the plaintiff forever lose your right to sue. In personal injury cases, the time clock starts ticking from the date of the incident or when you first discover the injury. Statutes of limitations can vary by state and type of injury. Your attorney will discuss the applicable Statute of Limitations with you at your initial consultation.

Q: How will my case be finalized?
A: Many personal injury cases are resolved with an informal settlement. These settlements are entered into between the parties or the parties’ representatives (such as an insurance company or an attorney). If the parties are unable to resolve their dispute, or if the statute of limitations is about to expire, it may become necessary file a formal lawsuit against the defendants and go to court.

Personal Injury Attorney Vancouver WA

If you’re injured, you don’t have to handle everything on your own. The process can be overwhelming and difficult if you don’t know the proper steps and channels to go through. Our personal injury attorneys can help. Call or contact us today for a consultation!

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